Introduction is needed…..

I think an introduction is needed to start off my blog. Here it goes – my very first blog!

Where to start…

Well, I am Amy! I grew up on a farm in a small town and came to the city to attend school. I received my Registered Animal Health Technology diploma from RRC in 2008 and started my career off working in mixed animal practice. The last 5 years I have been working only with small animals.

I love what I do!! And how many people can say that they go to a job every day to help treat and nurse dogs and cats?

The last year and a half I wanted to do more one on one with our furry friends and became very interested in Canine Massage.

I took my (very in depth and totally hands on) course through Canadian Institute of Equine and Canine Body Works. My certification came in April 2015 (Certified Canine Bodyworker – CCBW) and I have been building my clientele ever since.

I have met and worked with many wonderful dogs and their owners. Each dog comes to me with different problem areas and different goals. Some are arthritic, some are post surgery, some are athletic, and some just need relaxation. Every dog has their own amazing personality and shows their love in different ways. This is what I love.

My clientele are very happy that I can offer sessions in clinic or at their home. If you are interested in massage for your furry friends, drop me a line anytime!

I said it before, and I will say it again…I love what I do and there is nothing – in the world – like working, relaxing, and communicating with a dog.

-Until next time!


I’m a member of the IEbwa!

The  IEBWA seeks to enhance the knowledge and practice of body work by offering quality support in educational programs, professional guidelines, community awareness and scientific research.

Professional ethics, which include obtaining veterinary approval, are strongly emphasised within the IEBWA and it’s members often work closely with canine practitioners in many fields.

Each member is required to carry out a specified number of hours of continued professional education during the calendar year of membership. In this way we ensure that our members are actively interested in maintaining and enhancing their skills and knowledge within their chosen profession.